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As summertime sprints to the finish line, be sure to make Minotti's your Summer Beverage Headquarters! We have cases of cold beer and lots of refreshing wines in stock, plus plenty of liquor and mixers for your favorite summer weekend concoction! If you are planning a party, give us a call or stop by with your order and we will deliver right it to you!

Minotti's Wine and Sprits Rocky River, Ohio
Minotti's Rocky River

19831 Detroit Rd
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Minotti's Wine and Sprits Fairview Park, Ohio
Minotti's Fairview

20550 Lorain Road
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Minotti's Wine and Sprits Avon, Ohio
Minotti's Avon

35638 Detroit Road
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Did you know?

The Brits in 1996 brewed a beer made from a recipe gleaned from the walls of the tomb of Egyptian boy king Tutankhamen and sold the first bottle at auction for $7,200, the highest price ever paid for a bottle of beer. (Source: Beerfacts.net)